Help / FAQ

    What is myLANCOM?

    The web portal myLANCOM from LANCOM Systems offers you a range of services relating to your LANCOM devices. You choose which information you receive, have access to free software and documentation, and you can use the convenient Support Portal to communicate directly with LANCOM's Support department while maintaining the full overview of all your support requests. In addition, LANCOM partners can access the partner portal LANcommunity via myLANCOM.

    What data is stored in myLANCOM?

    We ask you to provide your contact details and, if you are a business customer, to inform us of your business sector and the company you work for. We furthermore record the devices for which you download software.

    I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

    Simply fill out the Web form. Enter your user name or the relevant e-mail address. We will send you a personalized link which gives you access to the portal and the opportunity to reset your password.

    Can I change my password later?

    Yes, you can. In the myLANCOM navigation bar, click on "My profile" and change your password. Enter the new password again and then click on "Save profile".

    Where can I get help?

    In case you have questions concerning myLANCOM or if you just like to give us your feedback and comments on our webportal, please write to We will be happy to receive your mail and will answer you as soon as possible.

    Please do not use this address for any request related to our products or product-support!

    Is my data forwarded to third parties?

    No. LANCOM Systems treats your data with the strictest confidence. Information on your business sector and company size are recorded for statistical purposes. If you choose to cancel your portal membership, your data will be anonymized.

    Why should I activate cookies, isn't there a security risk?

    Cookies do not intrinsically present a security risk. A number of renowned and highly security-conscious companies work with cookies, including online banks. For example, cookies cannot be used to determine the e-mail address of a visitor to a Web site, or to send a virus. Actually, LANCOM uses cookies to improve security. They make it difficult to access session IDs. An advantage for you is the convenience of an auto-login, which saves you from having to enter your user name and password every time that you download LCOS. These are the reasons why we recommend that you enable the use of cookies.

    Why should I activate Javascript?

    Javascript is used to program a number of visual elements on a Web site that improve site design and user friendliness, including pop-up help messages. In order for this help text to be displayed, you must activate Javascript in your browser under "Settings".

    What is the double-opt-in method? Why can't registration be simpler?

    The double-opt-in method is a proven registration procedure which improves security: The double-opt-in method prevents third-parties from using your name and e-mail address to login to the portal. After registering with our Web site, you will receive an e-mail with a personalized URL. If you wish to take up membership with myLANCOM, all you have to do is to click on that link. You will then land on a page where you enter your password once again as confirmation. You then have direct access to the portal and the LCOS download area.

    Can one expect a flood of advertising from LANCOM?

    No. LANCOM will not overload your inbox with weekly e-mails. However, we find it important to inform you about innovations and other news on LANCOM products or the latest versions of LCOS. For this reason we expressly recommend that you opt to receive the messages of your choice (e.g. on software updates, product updates, etc.) as selected in the "Info service" section. When necessary, LANCOM will provide you with the relevant information. The monthly newsletter can also be chosen here.