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Fast, green and future-proof: Additional model for the new generation of LANCOM routers - ADSL2+ router LANCOM 1781A for high-performance site connectivity


Fast, green and future-proof:

Additional model for the new generation of LANCOM routers


ADSL2+ router LANCOM 1781A for high-performance site connectivity


Aachen, September 05, 2011—LANCOM Systems present the LANCOM 1781A, heir to the successful LANCOM 1721+ VPN router. A completely new development, this ADSL2+ business VPN router for professional site connectivity adds to the 178x-series of routers. This series is based on a powerful new hardware platform with greatly increased memory and faster processors, so ensuring that the LANCOM will be able to accommodate the free LCOS updates for years to come.


The LANCOM 1781A has a built-in multi-mode ADSL2+ modem for ADSL connections of the Annex A, B, J or M standards. It can be used on any ADSL line, including the all-IP connections of the future. A new green Gigabit-Ethernet switch provides power management for energy-efficient networks as per 802.3az and, as a consequence, the fanless design could be retained. Four user-configurable ports can be used for LAN, WAN (load-balancing on up to four channels using additional ADSL, SDSL, VDSL or cable modems), DMZ, VLAN, or monitoring. The high-speed USB 2.0 port provides power to USB media, allowing in particular cellular-modem sticks used as a backup for the ADSL line to be connected directly to the router.


Flexibility through virtualization

The Advanced Routing and Forwarding (ARF) function on the LANCOM 1781A provides up to sixteen virtual networks, each with its own settings for DHCP, DNS, routing and firewall. ARF allows multiple logically separated networks to operate for different groups and applications on a single physical infrastructure.



Security and backup included

The integrated high-security firewall with stateful inspection, intrusion detection, and denial-of-service protection screens the network safely and reliably from attacks from the Internet. The included management tools LANconfig and LANmonitor offer not only convenient remote maintenance of entire installations and useful setup wizards—such as the 1-Click-VPN wizard which allows the simple setup of VPN connections between LANCOM routers—but also real-time monitoring and logging. Comprehensive backup and high-availability functions guarantee smooth 24-hour operations.


The LANCOM 1781A is available now at the same price as its predecessor, EUR 579 excluding VAT. The device provides 5 VPN channels as standard. An optional extra upgrades this to 25 channels. An optional content filter for up to 100 users is available for activation.


Further information is available from the LANCOM web site


LANCOM Systems background:

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network solutions for large enterprises and SMEs, public authorities and institutions. The focus is on remote access and site connectivity based on virtual private networks (VPN) and on wireless networking (WLAN). LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen and has sales offices in Munich, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The company's founder and Managing Director is Ralf Koenzen.



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