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German Federal Office for Information Security certifies SD-WAN gateway from LANCOM Systems


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Aachen, June 21, 2021—The German network infrastructure supplier LANCOM Systems was the first company to receive a security certificate according to the new “BSZ” certification scheme. With the “Beschleunigte Sicherheitszertifizierung” (BSZ, Accelerated Security Certification), the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) is initially addressing manufacturers of network components, as these are of outstanding importance for protection from IT and cybersecurity risks. The product certified is the LANCOM 1900EF, which is used as a VPN or SD-WAN gateway for secure site connectivity in industry, business, administration and critical (EPCIP) infrastructures. The certificate was presented today at a virtual meeting by BSI President Arne Schönbohm.


Network security plays a decisive role in fending off cybersecurity threats: Industrial espionage and cyber criminals search for vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, and use these as a starting point for attacks. According to the BSI Report on the State of IT Security in Germany 2020, routers and gateways are a sensitive potential target for highly professional APT groups (Advanced Persistent Threats). Devices with certified security offer good protection here.



New BSI certification highly relevant in practice


The LANCOM 1900EF was certified after a process over several months involving extensive conformity and penetration tests, and which demonstrates the high level of trust in the resistance to attack. The test procedure is practically orientated and aims to evaluate critical products more quickly and make them attractive to a broader target market. The BSZ is compatible with the French CSPN. Both of these schemes are currently undergoing European standardization and may be merged into a future European scheme under the Cyber Security Act.



First BSI-certified SD-WAN gateway on the market


The LANCOM 1900EF operates a classic VPN or SD-WAN gateway within an SDN-based network. It is the first BSI-certified device in this category. Due to its outstanding security features, it is ideally suited for multi-location networking wherever sensitive data is processed—including public authorities and government networks, healthcare, insurers and financial service providers—as well as for protecting companies and systems that are the targets of manipulation, sabotage or intellectual-property theft.



Important component of digital sovereignty


The gateway is developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest standards of security and data protection. The BSZ certificate stipulates an update guarantee and the obligation to react quickly to reported vulnerabilities. Furthermore LANCOM, as a bearer of the trust mark “IT Security made in Europe”, has pledged to keep its products backdoor-free. This makes the LANCOM 1900EF an important component for more security, resilience and digital sovereignty in business and administration.


“Protecting businesses and digital sovereignty have always been elementary goals to LANCOM. The renewed certification by the BSI documents the outstanding level of security our products offer and gives companies and authorities the certainty that their networks are protected to best effect. This also sets us apart from the competition: No other manufacturer is currently able to network critical projects with a BSI-certified SD-WAN gateway,” says LANCOM founder and managing director Ralf Koenzen.


BSI President Arne Schönbohm adds: “Certification is an important element of information security in order for administration, business and citizens to benefit from secure products and services. Certificates create transparency and thus trust. I am pleased that LANCOM is the first company to complete the BSZ with us.”


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About LANCOM Systems:


LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of network and security solutions for business and the public sector. The portfolio includes hardware (WAN, LAN, WLAN, firewalls), virtual network components, and cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN).


Software and hardware development as well as manufacturing take place mainly in Germany, as does the hosting of the network management. There is a strong focus on trustworthiness and security. The company is committed to products that are free from backdoors and is a holder of the trust mark “IT Security Made in Germany” as initiated by the German Ministry of Economics.


LANCOM was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. Customers include SMEs, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from all over the world. Since summer 2018, the company has been an independent subsidiary of the Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz.



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