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Ideal for logistics & events: New LANCOM Systems WLAN access point for harsh environments

LANCOM IAP-322 facilitates sophisticated WLAN applications and provides high-speed hotspots



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LANCOM IAP-322 facilitates sophisticated WLAN applications and provides high-speed hotspots


Ideal for logistics & events: New LANCOM Systems WLAN access point for harsh environments


Aachen, September 12, 2013 - LANCOM Systems, the leading German manufacturer of professional solutions for VPN network connectivity and wireless LAN infrastructure, presents the new LANCOM IAP-322, a versatile dual-radio industrial access point. Its robust housing and two 300-Mbps radio modules make it ideal for demanding scenarios such as mobile applications in logistics, operation in cold and dusty environments, or for broadband wireless hotspots at concerts and in sports stadiums.


The LANCOM IAP-322 is equipped with a rugged metal housing and operates at temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. The access point works with a variety of power sources including a 12V power supply unit, Power over Ethernet as per IEEE 802 3af, or a universal power adapter (10–28V), which enables the use of mobile power supplies such as battery packs. This makes the IAP ideal for mounting on forklift trucks for mobile applications in logistics.


Two radio modules and four exchangeable antennas allow parallel wireless operations in the 2.4- and 5-GHz frequency bands with a total bandwidth of 2x 300Mbps as per the WLAN standard IEEE 802.11agn. Band steering automatically directs WLAN clients to the less busy 5-GHz frequency band, which serves to optimize the network traffic in the often overcrowded 2.4-GHz band. Sources of interference can be detected by the spectral scan function, which helps to determine the best channel for interference-free operation.


With the help of the optionally available Public Spot option, the IAP-322 can offer a convenient broadband WLAN hotspot, which provides quick, easy and secure access to the Internet for users with tablets, smartphones or laptops. This makes the robust and powerful LANCOM IAP-322 ideal for demanding hotspot scenarios in sports stadiums, ice rinks and concert halls with thousands of users.


The LANCOM IAP-322 can operate either as a stand-alone unit or in concert with a central WLAN controller. WPA2-Enterprise, Multi-SSID and VLAN ensure the secure separation of user groups and support even complex WLAN infrastructures.


Like all LANCOM access points, the new IAP is developed and manufactured in Germany. Free updates to the operating system LCOS are regularly available for download from LANCOM.


The LANCOM IAP-322 is available now at a price of EUR 949 excluding VAT.


Further information is available from the LANCOM website



LANCOM Systems background:

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network solutions for business customers. LANCOM's two business units, VPN Network Connectivity and Wireless LAN, offer professional users secure flexible infrastructure solutions for local-area and multi-site networks. The entire core product range is developed and manufactured in Germany. Since May, 2013, LANCOM has also been providing Common Criteria-certified VPN solutions for the protection of particularly sensitive networks and critical infrastructures (EPCIP) against cyber attack. LANCOM

Systems headquarters is in Würselen near Aachen, Germany, and further offices are located throughout Europe. Customers include small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from Germany, Europe and increasingly worldwide.



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