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LANCOM 1780EW-4G: Business VPN router with LTE/4G and 450-Mbps WLAN

New LTE/4G cellular routers for secure, fast and flexible operations



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New LTE/4G cellular routers for secure, fast and flexible operations


LANCOM 1780EW-4G: Business VPN router with LTE/4G and 450-Mbps WLAN



Aachen, May 15, 2013–LANCOM Systems, the German specialist for secure VPN network connectivity, presents the LANCOM 1780EW-4G, the latest addition to their range of LTE/4G cellular routers. This VPN router's integrated LTE/HSPA+ modem uses cellular networking for broadband Internet connectivity (up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload). The integrated 802.11n wireless LAN radio module provides completely wireless local networking at 450 Mbps.


The combination of LTE/UMTS/HSPA+, high-speed wireless LAN and VPN makes the LANCOM 1780EW-4G ideal for companies and branch offices that lack cabled broadband Internet access, or where temporary or mobile Internet access is required. Typical applications include the setup of temporary conference rooms at external venues, home offices, mobile offices on construction sites, or at locations without DSL. LTE/HSPA+ provides high-speed access to the Internet and corporate networks. This device supports Power over Ethernet as per 802.11at, so it even operates without a separate power supply unit. Also feasible is the use of the LTE/HSPA+ connection as a high-performance mobile backup for cabled Internet access, for example to secure electronic payments in retail.


With 5 VPN channels as standard (optionally 25), the LANCOM 1780EW-4G operates as a central IPSec VPN gateway offering highly secure AES encryption and digital-certificate support. IPSec tunnels can even be established via cellular networks where the otherwise necessary ports are blocked. VRRP facilitates the virtual combination of two devices to achieve the highest operational reliability.


A wide range of security functions (802.11i, WPA, WPA2) keep the router's transmissions safe from attack without any loss in performance. 802.1x and TACACS+ offer additional security (PCI-DSS conformity) and the professional management of administrator accounts.


The LANCOM 1780EW-4G features two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, which can also be used to connect to external ADSL or VDSL modems. The wireless radio module complies with the IEEE 802.11agn standard and operates in the 2.4- or 5-GHz band.


Flexibility through virtualization

The ARF (Advanced Routing and Forwarding) function of the LANCOM 1781EW-4G provides up to sixteen virtual networks, each with its own settings for DHCP, DNS, routing and firewall. ARF allows logically separate networks to be operated for different groups and applications on a single physical infrastructure. Thanks to the dual-stack implementation, the router operates in pure IPv4, pure IPv6, or in mixed networks.


Comprehensive management and monitoring

The free management systems LANconfig and LANmonitor offer not only cost-effective remote maintenance of entire installations and useful setup wizards—such as the 1-Click-VPN wizard for the easy setup of VPN connections between LANCOM routers—but also real-time monitoring and logging. For comprehensive management and monitoring for installations of all sizes, the high-performance systems LANCOM Large Scale Monitor and LANCOM Large Scale Rollout are available for purchase. Comprehensive backup and high-availability functions guarantee smooth 24-hour operations.



The LANCOM 1780EW-4G is available now. The device provides 5 VPN channels as standard. An optional extra upgrades this to 25 channels. Optional web content filtering can be enabled for up to 100 users.


Further information is available from the LANCOM web site




LANCOM Systems background:

LANCOM Systems is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network solutions for the commercial and public sectors. The focus is on solutions for high-security site connectivity (VPN) for branch offices, enterprises and public authorities, and also on the wireless networking (WLAN) of public and corporate applications. LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen, Germany and has sales offices in Munich, Barcelona and Amsterdam.


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