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LANCOM "draft" products conform to the IEEE 802.11n standard - Ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard provides reassurance and protects investment


Ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard provides reassurance and protects investment


LANCOM "draft" products conform to the 802.11n standard



Aachen, September 22, 2009 – The recent ratification of the high-speed wireless LAN standard 802.11n is a positive signal for the WLAN market. Full compatibility between "Draft-2.0" products and the final standard provides reliable planning and investment protection to operators of existing and planned 802.11n installations.


All "Draft-2.0" products marketed by LANCOM since mid-2008 conform fully to the final IEEE 802.11n standard, and they will remain fully interoperable with future products based on it. Consequently there is no reason to upgrade existing LANCOM infrastructure, and ongoing rollouts can be continued without change.


LANCOM customers benefit from the fact that all of the obligatory components and many of the optional software components of the final 802.11n standard are already implemented in the current versions of LCOS. New functions will become available with LANCOM's usual free LCOS updates.


"The ratification of 802.11n is long overdue," says Christian Schallenberg, Executive Vice President at LANCOM. "At last our customers can rely on the planning of their strategic infrastructure projects. We now expect the already buoyant sales of our 11n products to be boosted even further."



LANCOM Systems background

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network components for large enterprises and SMEs, public authorities and institutions. The company supplies products and software for IP-based VPN, VoIP and wireless networks, along with support and services. Products are planned and developed specifically for the requirements of business customers. The focus is on comprehensive solutions for site connectivity by virtual private networks (VPN) and on wireless networking (WLAN). LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen and has sales offices in Munich, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The company's founder and Managing Director is Ralf Koenzen.



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