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LANCOM GS-4500X series: Full layer-3 access switches with stacking

LANCOM targets the enterprise switch market

Press Release 2022-672


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Aachen, February 23, 2022—German network-infrastructure and security supplier LANCOM Systems for the first time enters the enterprise class of switches with four high-performance layer-3 access switches. The four devices of the LANCOM GS-4500X series (two of them featuring Power over Ethernet) are a powerful, fail-safe basis for modern network infrastructures in all industries and areas of application. All devices are optionally managed from the cloud, come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW), and they use software-defined networking for highly automated commissioning.


For campus networks with high data volumes and high availability requirements, the ideal solution comes with the new stackable full layer-3 managed multi-Gigabit access switches. The design of the GS-4500X switch series is smart and TCO optimized. With ports that meet the industry standard (LANCOM FleX port technology), high performance is available even under high loads; the port speed for uplink or stacking can be set to 10G or 40G, as required. The stacking function can be activated both on the front SFP+ FleX ports and on the rear QSFP+ FleX ports, which enables mixed stacks featuring LANCOM aggregation switches of the XS-5000 series. Professional redundancy for fans and power supplies along with LANCOM failsafe stacking ensure resilient operations.



Efficient power supply of PoE end devices


The LANCOM GS-4530X is a 30-port switch with twelve 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports, twelve Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as four SFP+ FleX and two QSFP+ FleX ports, which support transmission rates of 10 or 40 Gbps respectively. With a data throughput of 324 Gbps on the backplane, the device offers wire-speed performance even under load. The PoE variant LANCOM GS-4530XP supports PoE+ on all ports as per IEEE 802.3af/at for a cumulative PoE budget of 720 watts (max. 30 watts per port) when operating the optional second power supply unit.


Even higher performance on a total of 54 ports is available with the LANCOM GS-4554X and the LANCOM GS-4554XP. Both switches are equipped with twelve 2.5 multi-Gigabit Ethernet ports, 36 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as four SFP+ FleX and two QSFP+ FleX ports. The backplane data throughput reaches 372 Gbps. With an optional second power supply unit, the LANCOM GS-4554XP supports PoE+ with up to 1,440 watts (30 watts per port) as per IEEE 802.3af/at, which makes it an efficient and ideal power supply for PoE end devices with high energy requirements.



Continuity of service through hardware redundancy


All four switch models are equipped with a hot-swappable power supply unit (PSU). A separate slot accommodates an additional PSU, which allows the quick and uninterrupted replacement of a defective power supply unit. In this way, highly fail-safe scenarios can be implemented where operations are assured despite the failure of a power supply unit. Alternatively, the PoE budget can be doubled by bundling the PoE power of the PSUs. Instead of PSU redundancy, each port can rely on its maximum 30W PoE power. Furthermore, the redundant (N+1) fan concept ensures uninterrupted operation if one of the two fans were to fail.

The front-to-back ventilation allows optimal cooling even for operations in a 19” rack and increases the service life of the device.



Intelligent cloud management as an option


When it comes to management, the switches offer supreme versatility. They can be managed using the web GUI, from the command line, or optionally via the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). The latter provides highly automated, cloud-based management using the latest software-defined networking technologies (SD-LAN) as well as cloud-enabled CLI management. Cloud operation even offers split management, as configuration changes are still possible from the CLI or GUI. Cloud-managed switch stacking also ensures convenient management and monitoring of the entire stack. The cloud automatically detects which and how many switches belong to a stack. Just one cloud license is required for cloud-managed switch stacks with up to 8 devices.



LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW)


Ex-factory enterprise-class switches are covered by the LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty. This includes the power supplies and fans, and lasts until the device reaches its end-of-life status or for a maximum of ten years.


The LANCOM GS-4530X is available now for EUR 2,990 and the LANCOM GS-4530XP costs EUR 3,590. The 54-port models LANCOM GS-4554X (EUR 3,999) and GS-4554XP (EUR 4,690) are also available now.


The optional 920W hot-swappable power supply LANCOM SPSU-920 offers full PoE support or, alternatively, redundancy for power supplies with the two PoE variants GS-4530XP and GS-4554XP. and costs EUR 899 (excl. VAT).


All prices are the recommended retail price (RRP) excluding VAT.


LANCOM also offers a variety of SFP modules, stacking and DAC cables for its switches as accessories.




About LANCOM Systems:

LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of network and security solutions for business and the public sector. The portfolio includes hardware (WAN, LAN, WLAN, firewalls), virtual network components, and cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN).


Software and hardware development as well as manufacturing take place mainly in Germany, as does the hosting of the network management. There is a strong focus on trustworthiness and security. The company is committed to products that are free from backdoors and is a holder of the trust mark “IT Security Made in Germany” as initiated by the German Ministry of Economics.


LANCOM was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. Customers include SMEs, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from all over the world. Since summer 2018, the company has been an independent subsidiary of the Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz.



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