06-Feb-2018 14:47
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LANCOM presents new 1900-series of top-of-the-range routers

High bandwidth, high availability routers with SD-WAN support

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Aachen, February 6, 2018— LANCOM Systems, the leading German manufacturer of network infrastructure solutions for business customers, presents its new series of high-speed business routers for high-performance, high-availability VPN connections via VDSL, LTE, fiber optic, or cable Internet. All models are optionally managed via the LANCOM Management Cloud, enabling secure VPN connections to be setup automatically with the click of a mouse thanks to state-of-the-art software-defined WAN technology (SD-WAN).


The leading model in the new series is the LANCOM 1900EF, a high-performance multi-WAN VPN gateway. This router allows different Internet connections to be operated at a single device. It uses two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports—one of them being an SFP/TP combo port—to combine any external DSL and cable modems, and even high-speed fiber-optic connections.


The sister model LANCOM 1906VA-4G features two integrated ADSL2+/VDSL2 connectors along with two Gigabit WAN ports, plus an LTE Advanced modem (300 Mbps) with multi-SIM support to offer high-performance backup options. Four Gigabit switch ports provide a comprehensive range of connectivity options for LAN components. The LANCOM 1906VA has the same optional connections, but it does not feature an LTE modem. Both models also offer four analog and two ISDN ports and come with an integrated Voice Call Manager and Session Border Controller.


All of these models use up to four Internet connections at the same time for maximum bandwidth and effective load balancing. In terms of virtualization, they support up to 64 isolated and separately routed IP contexts. The standard equipment of 25 IPSec VPN channels (optionally 50) provides strong encryption for the secure connection of mobile employees and protection of corporate data.


Radical simplification of the configuration with SD-WAN

Combined with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC), the new 1900-series routers pave the way for establishing effective SD-WAN infrastructures: The VPN functionality is activated by mouse click—including network virtualization and backup over the wide-area network. The laborious, manual configuration of individual tunnel endpoints is no longer required at all. Combined with LANCOM's SDN-enabled switches and WLAN solutions, end users benefit from end-to-end SDN across their entire network (SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN) and based on a central platform.


Modern, fanless metal housing

With the 1900-series routers, LANCOM also introduces a new, modern all-metal housing with integrated 230V power supply, which is easily installed in any 19” rack by means of the mounting brackets supplied with it. A fanless design without rotating parts ensures quiet operation and high reliability. The connectors are located on the front for quick and convenient access.


The 1900-series routers will be available from the end of February. The LANCOM 1900EF is priced at EUR 899 (excl. VAT), the LANCOM 1906VA at EUR 1,199 (excl. VAT), and the LANCOM 1906VA-4G at EUR 1,499 (excl. VAT).


Further information is available from the LANCOM website.


LANCOM Systems background:

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of networking solutions for business customers and the public sector. LANCOM offers professional users secure, reliable and future-proof infrastructure solutions for local-area and multi-site networks (WAN, LAN, WLAN), as well as centralized network management based on software-defined networking technologies (SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN). The LANCOM routers, gateways and WLAN solutions are developed and manufactured in Germany, and a selection of the VPN portfolio is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the protection of particularly sensitive networks and critical infrastructures (EPCIP). LANCOM Systems has its headquarters in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. Customers include small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from Germany, Europe and, increasingly, worldwide.




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