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LANCOM presents self-learning automation tool “LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0” for Wi-Fi optimization at the push of a button

Network automation based on computer-aided learning

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Aachen, October 26, 2022—The latest product innovation from the German network infrastructure and security solution provider LANCOM Systems is the answer to increasingly complex networks with increasing cost pressure and a shortage of IT specialists. LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0 is a self-learning, automation tool that optimizes Wi-Fi deployments based on real-world usage data. This market innovation (patent pending) minimizes the workload for IT administrators and offers the best possible user experience in any scenario—from office, hotel or clinic Wi-Fi to large-scale installations in stadiums and event arenas.


Network administrators face the challenge of configuring Wi-Fi networks to ensure availability and capacity at all times. Channel conflicts, incorrect transmission power settings, or interference from third-party networks often cause significant losses of capacity.



Radical simplification with full control


With LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0 (ARC 2.0), LANCOM now radically simplifies the optimization of Wi-Fi networks. With the help of computer-aided learning, the tool calculates the best configuration in each case using real usage data. Administrators can choose between three optimization schemes depending on the density of access points, or they can opt for the auto mode. A dashboard visualizes the current status, including detected interference from third-party networks, and a simulation of the optimized network. The before-and-after comparison instantly visualizes potential improvements and allows risk-free testing of the optimization options. Administrators thus have full control at all times. After selecting the desired optimization scheme, one click is all it takes and the configurations are automatically adjusted. The result: Channel conflicts are resolved, third-party networks are accounted for, channel widths and transmission power are automatically optimized, and capacities are made available where they are needed based on learned usage behavior.



Granular configuration logic


In addition to the four optimization schemes, ARC 2.0 also offers administrators the option of customizing parameters such as channel width, transmission power, and prioritization. It is also possible to exclude individual access points from the optimization. Certain channels can be excluded from the configuration to keep them free for other users, for coexisting radio technologies (e.g. for controlling ePaper displays), or for special applications such as audio and video applications. Regulatory channel-usage requirements for outdoor access points can also be implemented with just a few clicks.



Huge time and cost savings


With LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0, LANCOM enables less experienced administrators to manage large installations where manual configuration would be impossible. This represents an important competitive advantage to ensure smooth network operations even with the current shortage of specialists. Even during the initial installation, the Wi-Fi setup is fully automated at the push of a button—a massive time and cost saving. The self-learned optimization hugely relieves network managers while at the same time implementing the best possible Wi-Fi performance in any scenario.



Free update for all cloud-managed devices


LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0 will be available as part of the Wi-Fi management by the LANCOM Management Cloud as of December 2022. ARC 2.0 is available at no additional cost for all networks with valid licenses, including existing installations.


LANCOM provides detailed information on LANCOM Active Radio Control™ 2.0 on a separate technology website:





About LANCOM Systems:


LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of network and security solutions for business and the public sector. The portfolio includes hardware (WAN, LAN, WLAN, firewalls), virtual network components, and cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN).

Software and hardware development as well as manufacturing take place mainly in Germany, as does the hosting of the network management. There is a strong focus on trustworthiness and security. The company is committed to products that are free from backdoors and is a holder of the trust mark “IT Security Made in Germany” as initiated by the German Ministry of Economics.

LANCOM was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. Customers include SMEs, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from all over the world. Since summer 2018, the company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz.


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