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New combination router LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL with numerous highlights


ADSL-WLAN-VPN-VoIP all-round solution


New combination router LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL with numerous highlights



Aachen, May 16, 2007 - LANCOM Systems GmbH presents the LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL for professional site-to-site coupling. This product, successor to the successful LANCOM 1821 Wireless ADSL, was developed with a focus on security, speed, reliability and protection of investment.


The ADSL2+ WLAN router LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL offers maximum flexibility for secure VPN interconnection of sites, branch offices or home offices.

Equipped with an ADSL2+ modem, 4 Ethernet LAN ports, WLAN and ISDN, this device has all of the necessary interfaces for connecting branch offices and office communications. The USB host port enables a connected printer to be operated centrally. Also remaining available is the switchable a/b/g dualband wireless module and VPN functions which provide five simultaneous channels. An upgrade offers 25 channels as well as hardware acceleration.


Offering convenient control and management of certificates, innovative routing functions which, for example, can completely separate private and business data traffic, as well as central management at no cost, LANCOM routers give administrators maximum efficiency in installation and management.

Meeting with the demands of modern office environments, the router supports the very latest WLAN security standards.


LANCOM Voice-over-IP options round out the solution with all of the IP telephony functions that users need in everyday business.

The device still features a serial outband interface for easy servicing. Supplied with dualband diversity antennas, a number of LANCOM's accessory antennas can be attached as alternatives should local requirements demand. The integrated 4-port Ethernet switch offers great flexibility for configuration. All of the ports can be operated as LAN, DMZ, WAN or monitor ports.


In combination with the Voice-over-IP telephone LANCOM VP 100 and the Ethernet switch LANCOM ES 1108P, the LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL is a future-ready, integrated all-round solution for the home office.


The new LANCOM 1821+ Wireless ADSL is available now from specialist resellers and system vendors at a price of EUR 699.00 (recommended retail price excl. VAT).


Supporting not only the current German Telekom T-DSL standard but proprietary ADSL-over-ISDN standards as well, this device is suitable for operation with ADSL connections throughout Europe.




LANCOM Systems background

LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of reliable communications solutions for large enterprises and SMEs, public authorities and institutions. The company supplies products and software for IP-based VPN, VoIP and wireless networks, along with support and services. These solutions are planned and developed specifically for the requirements of business customers. The company's focus is on Internet access products with integrated high-quality firewalls for ADSL, SDSL, ISDN and UMTS access and on comprehensive solutions for network connectivity and security with virtual private networks (VPN), wireless networks (wireless LAN) and public spots. LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen and has sales offices in Munich, London, Madrid, Bolzano, Tilburg and Prague. Ralf Koenzen and Ulrich Prinz are the company's founders and Managing Directors.



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