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New Fax Gateway Option for LANCOM routers - Virtual fax server now for 64-bit systems


Virtual fax server now for 64-bit systems


New Fax Gateway Option for LANCOM routers



Aachen, September 14, 2009 - Networking specialists LANCOM Systems now offer a powerful Fax Gateway Option for selected routers with ISDN interface. The option enables up to eight faxes to be sent and received simultaneously. Working in combination with the LANCAPI driver, the option supports PCs and server systems running 32-bit and x64-bit versions of current Microsoft Windows™ operating systems (XP, Vista, and Windows 7).


Communication by fax continues to play a major role in business. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular rely on fax documents for processing quotations and orders. However, the ISDN cards and analog modems used for faxing until now depend heavily on the fax-server hardware and software, and they were expensive.


LANCOM routers with the Fax Gateway Option eliminate the dependency of the fax application on the hardware of the server or PC. The chief benefit is the elimination of problems associated with the upgrading, exchange or virtualization of computers. This solution is also advantageous for the fax solution's availability: A router with the Fax Gateway Option can be used by any number of PCs or servers; alternatively these PCs can work with multiple routers equipped with the Option. This provides a backup in case a router should fail.


Individual PCs in the network or fax servers, such as Tobit's David.fx, have access to the ISDN interfaces on LANCOM routers running the Fax Gateway Option in the LAN. This relies on the LANCAPI, a release-candidate version of which now supports 64-bit operating systems (such as Windows Server 2008 x64) as well as 32-bit systems.


The LANCOM Fax Gateway Option is available at EUR 129 plus VAT for selected LANCOM routers with ISDN interfaces. Depending on the router model, up to eight fax channels can be implemented at a highly cost-effective lump-sum price. A list of the supported routers is available from the LANCOM Web site:


"We made a clear decision to get to grips with fax communication and to make it fit for modern networks. This is not least because SME's continue to rely on fax as one of the most important communications media," reports Roland Burlaga, Product Manager at LANCOM Systems. "With the Fax Gateway Option and the LANCAPI for 32/64-bit systems, LANCOM is offering a cost-effective, highly modern and forward-looking solution which optimizes core processes in day-to-day business."



LANCOM Systems background

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network components for large enterprises and SMEs, public authorities and institutions. The company supplies products and software for IP-based VPN, VoIP and wireless networks, along with support and services. Products are planned and developed specifically for the requirements of business customers. The focus is on comprehensive solutions for site connectivity by virtual private networks (VPN) and on wireless networking (WLAN). LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen and has sales offices in Munich, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The company's founder and Managing Director is Ralf Koenzen.



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