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The VoIP telephone for general business use - New SIP telephone LANCOM VP-100 with the European look & feel


The VoIP telephone for general business use


New SIP telephone LANCOM VP-100 with the European look & feel


Aachen, July 18, 2007 - The success of a Voice over IP solution depends greatly on its acceptance by the users.

Nowhere is this more relevant than in the corporate environment where the telephone is the primary means of communication with suppliers, partners and customers. In practice there is no need for a telephone to display stock-exchange prices or the weather. It's all about reliable telephony and straight-forward operation.


The new LANCOM VP-100 is a Voice-over-IP telephone based on the SIP standard and especially tailored to the needs of European business customers. The discreet design is at home on corporate desktops and offers a clearly structured keypad, an ergonomic handset and a familiar look & feel.


In combination with a LANCOM business VoIP gateway or a VoIP Option for LANCOM routers the telephone is configured within seconds: Once connected, the intended telephone number is keyed in, confirmed with "OK" and the telephone is ready to operate.


Straight away the LANCOM VP-100 is ready for everyday corporate operations, offering call hold, swap, transfer, and forwarding, a telephone book, call lists, speakerphone, three-way conference and a headset connector.


Integrating the telephone into a uniform network infrastructure for voice and data communications is extremely easy due to the Power-over-Ethernet power supply and the integrated 2-port switch. A telephone can be installed between any networked computer and its network connection; there's no need for extra cabling. Power can be supplied to the phone via the LANCOM ES-1108P switch, for example. Also supplied is a conventional external power adapter.


LANCOM VP-100 telephones are automatically recognized and supported by LANconfig, the management software for LANCOM products. Configuration can also be carried out with the web interface that provides support in the form of a setup wizard.


Roland Burlaga, Voice-over-IP Product Manager at LANCOM Systems: "European business customers have a different understanding of a desktop telephone than their colleagues in Asia or the USA. The successful introduction of Voice over IP depends greatly on its acceptance by the users. The LANCOM VP-100 has been optimized to meet European needs. Inexpensive and very easy to install at LANCOM business VoIP gateways, this Voice-over-IP telephone presents SMEs with an attractive alternative to ISDN.


Pricing and availability

The LANCOM VP-100 is available now priced at EUR 159.00 (excl. VAT) or at EUR 755.00 (excl. VAT) for a LANCOM VP-100 5-piece bulk set.



LANCOM Systems background

LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of reliable communications solutions for large enterprises and SMEs, public authorities and institutions. The company supplies products and software for IP-based VPN, VoIP and wireless networks, along with support and services. These solutions are planned and developed specifically for the requirements of business customers. The company's focus is on Internet access products with integrated high-quality firewalls for ADSL, SDSL, ISDN and UMTS access and on comprehensive solutions for network connectivity and security with virtual private networks (VPN), wireless networks (wireless LAN) and public spots. LANCOM Systems GmbH is headquartered in Würselen near Aachen and has sales offices in Munich, London, Madrid, Bolzano, Tilburg and Prague. Ralf Koenzen and Ulrich Prinz are the company's founders and Managing Directors.



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