LANCOM complaints process
  • LANCOM complaints process

LANCOM complaints process

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. This complaints process aims to help us continue to meet the high satisfaction ratings (approx. 90%) reported in our customer satisfaction surveys.


In case of technical questions, the first point of contact is always the end-customer Support portal.
We receive your feedback and will work with you to find a quick fix.


If our support fails to meet your expectations, the formal complaint process is a way for you to contact us in confidence. LANCOM thoroughly investigates every complaint. We take your concerns seriously and, after making an analysis, we discuss the next steps with you.


By submitting a complaint, you consent to the use of the supplied data for the processing of your complaint.
Further information about data protection is available in our Data privacy policy.


You agree to submit the complaint truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. In individual cases, LANCOM reserves the right to charge the costs incurred by deliberate false statements.

Submitting a complaint

Your complaint is submitted in writing either by post or electronic means (e-mail):


Complaints Office

LANCOM Systems GmbH

Adenauerstraße 20 / B2

52146 Würselen




In either case, please clearly state “Complaint” in the subject line to help with processing.

Processing a complaint

We will confirm the receipt of your complaint by the next working day at the latest.


The complaint is forwarded to and processed by the responsible person in Support. The ticket is commented, and proposals for remedying the cause of the complaint are worked out.


Within two weeks you will receive a detailed, written response with comments and suggested solutions, if applicable. This response comes either by post or electronic communication.


The following information helps us to speed up the process:


  • Personal data & contact (e-mail, telephone number, address)
  • Products or services causing the complaint
  • Reason for the complaint (as detailed as possible, please)
  • Information about any previous contact (e.g. with Support: Case number, case worker, a detailed description of the call history from your point of view)
  • Possible solutions from your side

All complaints are subject to a limitation period of 3 months.


If no solution is found to your complaint, the ticket is escalated to the following positions in the company:


1. Director Customer Services, then

2. Company Management


Unless communicated otherwise, you have access to the channels listed under “Submitting a Complaint”.

Depending on the case, this process will already have been noticed internally. The customer is informed of this in the written reply.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm* by calling +49 2405 499 36 - 210 or by e-mail at


* except holidays at Wuerselen, Germany